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The Birds Are Coming Archive, Moonis Ahmad, 2017 on behalf of H_ME W_RK collective


Folole Asuao Sanele Tupuola, Tasnim Sammak, Ajak Kwai, Young Eritreans Australia, Camilo Ernesto Pérez Landaverde, Carlos Alberto Pérez Hernández, H_ME W_RK Collective, Kim Kruger

Intergen is a series of artist-led interventions that critically reflect on modes of intergenerational knowledge making and sharing.

The 5 interventions will be co-designed in exchanges by and between artists, researchers, leaders and advocates within and across communities.

Intergen disrupts institutional knowledge production and challenges the community informant role by offering a multiplicity of sites of co-presence, co-creating and co-thinking.

Intergen is a program that offers organisational learnings and applications, on how to support the breadth and depth, the nuance, and daily moments of intergenerational practices.

Participating Artists: 

Folole Asuao Sanele Tupuola & Tasnim Sammak,

Join Folole Asuao Sanele Tupuola & Tasnim Sammak as they discuss resisting displacement, colonialism and building solidarity with First Nations people, in a public forum that will inform the development of a children’s book that unsettles multiculturalist children’s literature.

Ajak Kwai & Young Eritreans of Australia,

Ajak Kwai with members of Young Eritreans Australia discuss their cultural relationships to food, cultural eating rituals and stories of connecting to culture through food while living in diaspora contexts in a Cooking and Conversation event that took place on Young Eritreans Australia’s instagram. Follow the link to download a copy of Sudanese Ful, Sudanese Kombo and Shiro recipe cards.

H_ME W_RK Collective,

You are invited to mediate upon intergenerational memory of cross-border mobility through an experimental audio journey, with H_ME W_RK artists Priya Namana, Moonis Ahmad Shah, Isha Ram Das and Merinda Dias-Jayasinha.

H_ME W_RK is a collective of South Asian artists, living and making in the diaspora on unceded lands.

Camilo Ernesto Pérez Landaverde & Carlos Alberto Pérez Hernández,

Artist Camilo Ernesto Pérez Landaverde is creating a contemporary graphic work about gentrification in Melbourne’s West, Central American displacement and protest music, based on conversations with his father, Carlos Alberto Pérez Hernández.

Kim Kruger,

Kim Kruger is developing a comic book about the story of Aboriginal and South Sea Islander activist Patricia Corowa for the next generation of South Sea Islanders, aiming to inspire activism in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty movements.

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