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Congratulations and final thoughts from us!

Congratulations and final thoughts from us!

You’ve made it to the end of Arts Gen’s eLearning Module! Congratulations to dedicating this time to furthering your practice, we hope we expanded some of your ideas, challenged your ways of working and introduced you to new and exciting possibilities!

This section of the module is a final moment to reflect on what you’ve learned and experienced. Some final questions to consider for your practice:

  • What might undertaking this eLearning module say about your approach to your practice?
  • What stood out to you the most? What might that say about what’s missing from your practice?
  • How can you bring some of your learnings into your practice?

Thanks for joining us, as mentioned previously this is a pilot program and we would appreciate any feedback you may have to inform future developments. Please email us at arts.generator@cohealth.org.au Lastly, we’ll leave you with Cher Tan speaking on the Chaos Magic of Knowledge.



Module cover image: SHELF Launch event in the Arts Gen studio, photography by Artificial Studios

Cher Tan on the Chaos Magic of Knowledge

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