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About eLearning

Welcome to Arts Gen’s eLearning! This is an online self-directed learning module series in community engaged practice. You’ll hear from artists and about Arts Gen’s recent projects. Through working with artists Arts Gen hopes this eLearning will provide a snippet of the variety, and vastness of creative practice as research in the context of community. This eLearning doesn’t seek to be the singular answer but hopes to open up some critical questions and some frameworks to work through when thinking about practice in community.

We are asking participants to register for modules to to better understand who is using this and to inform the development in the future. This project is a pilot model, if you have any thoughts or feedback for us please email arts.generator@cohealth.org.au

Image left : ‘PASTE UP’ covid-19 artist posters by Aida Azin, Lara Chamas and Mohamed Chamas, Coffinbirth x this mob


eLearning Modules


Welcome to Arts Gen eLearning! This is an online self-directed learning in community engaged practice. You’ll hear from artists and from recent projects. In this introduction module, you’ll meet the artists who’ll guide you through this eModule.

Acknowledging Country

This module is a pedological moment, and a provocation to think critically about how and why we acknowledge – instead of just having an acknowledgement at the top or bottom of the page or as in introduction to a presentation.

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This part of the elearning hopes to open provocations around community as research frame: to interrogate what is assumed, self defined and imposed communities in relation to power and considerations when looking to undertake community engaged research.

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Artist as Researcher

In this section, we'll look at what we can learn from the ‘artist as researcher’ model to create space for participant and community led research and evaluation, how community can build their own methodologies to develop and share knowledge, and the role an ‘artist as researcher’ could play in the design and development of community led programs.

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In this section, we delve into what does it mean to understand a community on its own terms particularly when it comes to evaluating a project shaped with others?  In so doing, how might we think of evaluation differently?

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