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Ghanian High Commissioner designates arrives in Australia, 1971,‘ National Archives of Australia’ , Canberra

‘ACT leads world with first African cultural festival’ , The Canberra Times, 28 May 1993.

Excerpt interview ROOTS, The African Journal, published in Australia 1992

Archival Breaks

Samira Farah

Archival Breaks is an ongoing digital project focused on the collection and collation of material related to the Black African experience in Australia during the 20th Century. Featuring material from across national and international media and public libraries, the project includes publications, sound archives, film footage, prints, posters, local journals and photographs.

Archival Breaks is interested and focused on presenting the complexities of Black African’s relationship to the continent ranging from the political all the way to the cultural.

The project is currently in its first stage and aims to be a resource for the preservation of Black African material in Australia.

See Archival Breaks project here. 

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