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Dichōtomi Magazine

Bigoa Chuol

Dichōtomi is a cultural archive dedicated to holding space for multidimensional experiences of black creativity. Dichōtomi serves as the bridge between seemingly opposing worlds existing simultaneously in one space and time. From the humdrum of everyday life, Dichōtomi invites readers into a world of limitless expression, where black creativity thrives. Dichōtomi is the brainchild of South Sudanese poet, editor and creative, Bigoa Chuol.

In the first issue of Dichōtomi you can hear sounds by Pookie, Nynno, Karima Madut; see visuals by Atong Atem, Abdul Yusuf, Nayndng Mayen and Ivy Mutuku; and read words by Abuk Lual, Grace Edward and Aïsha Trambas.



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