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They Did Didn’t They Podcast

Hekima Komba, Gabriela Georges, Anyuop Dau, Lay the Mystic & Mary Quinsacara

‘They Did Didn’t They’ is a podcast series about community, creativity, care and culture. Across 10 episodes this podcast series draws on a wealth of community knowledge and experience to explore and unpack the many ways to build community wellbeing from the ground up rather than problematic top-down approaches.

In ‘They Did Didn’t They’ you’ll hear from young people to Aunties, colleagues, peers and friends. The podcast includes a soundtrack featuring artists NOMAD, Ninah Nicole, therudyv, SK Simeon, Yaw Faso, Wawang, MASSIVE and Frankie.

They Did Didn’t They was produced by Hekima Komba, Gabriela Georges, Anyuop Dau, Lay the Mystic and Mary Quinsacara.

Listen here

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