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Cooking and Conversation

Ajak Kwai and Young Eritreans Australia

South Sudanese songwoman Ajak Kwai and members of Young Eritreans Australia (YEA) showcase the health and nutritional benefits of East African food in this Cooking and Conversation livestream, initially hosted on the Young Eritreans Australia instagram.

The livestream highlighted the mental health and wellbeing benefits of food, with YEA and Ajak discussing their cultural relationships to food, cultural eating rituals and stories of connecting to culture through food while living in diaspora contexts.


‘They’re known as struggle meals because they were eating during the war, shiro and addis (lentils) … because they’re easy to make, it doesn’t take that long, you can make a big batch of it and it still tastes good so you’re getting fed struggle meals, but it’s nice struggle meals’ – Nada, Young Eritreans Australia

See the recipes cards here:

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