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Raina Peterson, Tottenham Station, 2022. Video still: Devika Bilimoria.


Raina Peterson, Ripley Kavara and FAMILI, Bigoa Chuol, Manisha Anjali, Cher Tan, Timmah Ball, Katerina Teaiwa, Guy Ritani, Vicki Kinai, Xen Nhà, Aida Azin, Lara Chamas, Rasha Tayeh, this mob and Zena Cumpston.

K(not) is a new multi-year artistic project that discusses the impacts of climate colonisation and ecological justice on diasporic and First Nations communities. K(not) interrogates the way climate change has and will continue to create major public health impacts for our communities. It provides a platform for artists to undertake slowed-down and expansive thinking, learning and reflecting in order to seek alternative strategies to navigate our current crisis. Artists’ works consider land and food sovereignty, the ongoing racialised violence that is inherent within climate colonisation, the role of community and collective action.

View k(not) website here.

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