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Đất Nước Library Book Club

Đất Nước Library


Arts Gen Studio, Footscray Community Arts

Date & Time

Ongoing throughout the year upcoming dates,

Saturday, 17 February, 11am-1pm
Saturday, 16 March, 11am-1pm
Saturday, 20 April, 11am-1pm
Saturday, 25 May, 11am-1pm



The Đất Nước Collective invites our Vietnamese diaspora friends and family to join our ongoign Book Club event where we’ll introduce to Vietnamese literature, zines, children’s books and so much more that makes up our collection! 

You’ll get hear excerpts from key text, meet other book club members and feast on Vietnamese snacks. Book club members will be encouraged to purchase their own texts and read it for the next Book Club event where we’ll get to discuss it in more detail. When possible we will try to have free copies of texts available to members who are unable to acquire their own copy. 

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