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ViệtSpeak x Small Axe Forum


Arts Gen hosted VietSpeak for a discussion of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe (2020) film series. Set between the late 1960’s and mid 1980’s, the five films comprising Small Axe map the experiences of racism, discrimination and self-determination of the West Indian community in gentrifying West London.

Featuring the voices of Kim Kruger (researcher at VU), Helen Ngo (philosopher and parent), Marie Brennan (professor of education at VU), Anh Nguyen Austen (researcher and parent), Jorge Jorquera (councillor and parent), Lew Zipin (research Fellow at UniSA) and moderated by Hoang Tran Nguyen (local artist and parent)

The panel reflected on parallels and resonances between the films and the contemporary climate of Melbourne’s West, highlighting the varied strategies that marginalised communities can adopt in giving voice to their concerns.

You can listen to highlights from the forum here, recorded for 3CR’s Diaspora Blues program. Tune in at 13mins in.

You can connect with VietSpeak on their website.





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